PGA Tour: Benefits of Performance Coaching

31 Jul PGA Tour: Benefits of Performance Coaching

There is a current TV Commercial out from CBT Nuggets highlighting the work of Aaron Wise.  In the commercial (see below) Aaron is receiving guidance and encouragement from his team.  As the commercial cycles through the different trainers and coaches, the last coach is guiding Aaron on relaxation while meditating.

During the broadcast, the announcers discussed Aaron’s work with a performance coach.  Aaron referenced his performance training in an interview earlier in the week. The reason I am highlighting this tournament and Aaron Wise is because of the way he finishes off the tournament.  I love watching golf on Sunday’s because it is the peak of performance under pressure.  Invariably, every week the last round is filled with intense drama.  In this tournament, Aaron squashed all the drama by using the skills he is working on with his performance coach. Notice how the announcers refer to his breathing on the 18th tee.

To perform at the highest levels requires several variables.  I find it frustrating that many people attribute winning in any sport to talent.  These high achievers work hard and make sure all facets of their profession are well trained.  Meditation is a great way to build resilience, keep a sharp mind and train yourself to relax and concentrate.

If you are interested, watch the PGA Tour on any given Sunday and observe the drama that unfolds.  Tournament golf requires training in performance attributes that allow an athlete to succeed with intense pressure.  Sunday on the PGA Tour always comes down to those who can hold it together the best.

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