Cross-fit Athlete

Sport: Cross-Fit

Age: 42


When we began working together Alicia looked exhausted.  During some of our skill learning sessions she would almost fall asleep just from slight relaxation.  Alicia had a ton going on in her life and was focusing on everybody but herself.  While she did take some time to workout, it was not nourishing her because there was no transition time.  Drop off the kids, run to the gym, start the workout, go to work…her schedule was packed.  Alicia wasn’t reaching her potential in many facets of her life and she wanted to take it to the next level.



I became interested in working with Eric in 2015 during a time in my life when I was being challenged emotionally, physically and mentally.  My aging father required significantly more time and attention from me, my kids were beginning school, my husband was travelling almost every week for work and I was holding down a part-time job.  The hustle and bustle of life was leaving me unfulfilled and stimulating me to ask some hard questions.  I knew I needed something and when I saw the opportunity to engage in a new approach that sounded like it could assist me, I emailed Eric


Eric and I started with heartmath.  When we first met, my goals focused around my cross-fit performance.  I was competing at a high level but found my competitive performances falling short of my workout performances.  At the gym I could beat most of my workout partners, but at competitions they would beat me.  I couldn’t put my finger on the what was holding me back.  One of the first things I realized when I started working with Eric was how distracted I was.  My busy lifestyle had deterred my focus and I was thinking about everything except what I was doing in the present moment.


During the time I worked with Eric I became much more aware of my hectic hurried lifestyle. I became increasingly aware of how I was with my children, racing from one activity to the next, with my spouse, drinking wine while watching tv or looking at our phones and not engaging, in the gym arriving just as class was starting and leaving just as it ended to race off to the next activity with no extra time put it. The awareness led me to a desire to slow things down, be more present, spend less time on technology, arrive earlier to activities, overall slow the pace of my day. I began meditating, only for a few minutes at first, I began to really enjoy that time in the morning and missing it if I wasn’t able to take the time.


What began to happen was amazing.  I began to gravitate more toward the things that mattered most in my life.  The time I spent with my father improved significantly.  I became more available to my children, being present in our conversations and time together. I anticipate our activities in a way that we are less rushed. We have boundaries in our family designated as technology free time so we can focus on each other and our environment. This summer we spent almost every weekend camping and in nature. My spouse and I have quality time together and have made our time together less routine.  As far as my cross-fit goes I have recently made great progress on strength and skills that I haven’t seen in years and recently did a team competition and my team made the podium!


Eric’s experience as well as his insight assisted in gathering information from me just from talking and listening. He would often observe and piece together things that I was doing or allowing to happen in my life that I was not yet aware. I often would have what you might call an “aha” moment while talking to Eric. His broad experience and integral approach was influential on many aspects of my life.  We broke down some of the habitual patterns that were holding me back.  I now feel much more relaxed about how I spend my time and more fulfilled.  I cannot emphasize how important my experience was in working with Eric!!  I am a new person who is more aligned with the things that mean the most to me.  The cool part is, this isn’t a band aide approach, it allows you sustain a new way of living that enables the best performance you are capable of in your life!

Alicia S.

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