Adolescent Baseball Player

Sport: Baseball
This young athlete had inconsistencies in batting due to a series of big changes in his life.  It had been less than a year that his grandparents had passed away.  One passed while the athlete was holding their hand.  The athlete had recently moved and was attempting to acclimate to a new neighborhood and school.  The athlete was suffering from bullying and significant anxiety resulted.

My son is an exceptional athlete who excels at football and baseball but also suffers from anxiety. He is a perfectionist who always wants to do his best. However, his anxiety and the pressure he put on himself started to get in the way of his potential. We were so incredibly fortunate to have found Eric. He worked closely with my son for a number of months and the results were nothing less than astounding. To give you an example, after working with Eric, learning and applying his specific techniques to reduce his anxiety, my son went to New York for a baseball tournament.  He hit three home runs over the fence and had a batting average of .715 that week!
Not only did he apply the things he learned from Eric to sports, but it worked amazingly well for school as well. Test anxiety was another big issue for my son. His teacher once told us we think he’s probably the smartest kid in his grade but you give him a test and it’s like he knows nothing. Once again, after working with Eric, he learned to implement what he had learned to control his anxiety when taking a test. I’m so proud to say, he just got his report card and has a 3.7 GPA and made the honor roll.
Eric truly cares. He is in this line of work because he loves what he does, wants to help people, and it shows. I feel so incredibly blessed to have had him work with my son. Eric has helped him overcome obstacles we never thought we possible! From the bottom of my heart, I can’t begin to thank him enough!

Samantha M.
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