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Sport: Golf


Age: 50




This gentlemen had worked on his game with some help technically from a PGA Professional.  He had reached a point in his game that required a more advanced approach.  My observations of his play suggested he had the talent to reach his goals.  Shane had a knack for highly concentrated states and being a high achiever, I knew we would have success together.  Shane worked diligently on the tools and his results displayed his efforts.  This testimonial is my most proud moment in sport psychology consulting because I was with the athlete when he entered “the zone”.



  • Break 80
  • Decrease spectrum of scores
  • Have more enjoyment during the round




I’ve known and worked with Eric for more than ten years.  We discovered our mutual love of golf as we entertained our customers on the course.  Eric is a keen observer of performance psychology and made some astute observations of my mental state of play; most notably, my excitability.  That’s right, I admit it, I get excitable when I play golf =)  Both positively and negatively.  Eric helped me see the damage that was doing to my scores and gave me tools to better regulate my reactions.  Those changes immediately lowered my average scores and we followed up with work on pre-shot routine, imagery and concentration.  My average scores continued to fall, which is a good thing in golf – heh!  I first found ‘The Zone’ during an early morning round Eric and I shared before work one day; it seemed I could not miss for the first time in my golfing life.  THAT is an addictive feeling and an experience to which I’m always eager to return.


For those that know the Golf Bug’s bite, the sensations of hitting the perfect shot are more addictive than any other run-of-the-mill drug.  “Swaaaaaaaaaaaaaack” and you’ve done it!  You flushed your long iron right from the sweetest spot on the club’s face…  You are so balanced and smooth that you barely sensed the impact, and you don’t feel the need to look up immediately because you already know, in your bones, that it is flying perfectly along it’s path to your intended target.  This is the elixir that keeps you coming back: to the range in the early morning, to the course with your friends, or even by yourself.  It is the rush that overcomes your frustration from all the “bad” shots…  the “bad” rounds.


I have been fortunate enough to feel these sensations and even string enough of them together to break 80, which many golfers regard as the threshold to becoming a “player”.  It is some of the most fun rewarding experience of my life and due, in no small part, to my work with Eric Carlson.  Eric is a fine player in his own right and great fun to play the game with, but he is also a master at high performance.  That mastery has led to wisdom; wisdom I am lucky to have learned from.  I am so grateful to have found that mindful state where my preparation, my work with Eric and joy of playing allowed me to live, ever so briefly, in the zone.  I can’t wait for the next opportunity to visit it again.

Shane S.
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