About Me


20+ years Human Performance
Diverse Client Portfolio
Masters Sport & Exercise Psychology
Certified Heartmath, AASP, Integral
15+ years of Corporate Experience
Division I & III Athlete

Eric J. Carlson

Leader in Evolutionary Development
Development Methodologies
Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology is the study of the variables that influence high performance in sport. The field has also developed injunctions to help athletes achieve high performance more consistently.

Integral Theory

Integral Methodological Pluralism attempts to be a philosophy of everything. Ken Wilber has developed a philosophy that provides a deeper approach to exploring yourself and the world.


Integral Transformative Practice is a set of injunctive methods developed by George Leonard and Michael Murphy to illicit transformation in ones life.


HeartMath is a scientific approach to the connection of the heart & brain. HeartMath has developed biofeedback tools and approaches to help develop heart-brain coherence.

Life Passions

I listen to anything rock and have significant interest in Bruce Springsteen.


My lifelong passion to become a great ball striker.


Always researching and reading about human potential.


Since the age of 13 I have had an affinity for the gym. I also enjoy mountain biking and road biking.

Argosy University

Masters in Sport & Exercise Psychology

Binghamton University

Bachelor of Arts - Major: Psychology & Philosophy

HeartMath Certified Coach

Core Integral

CC-AASP - in process